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Autumn has come. The sun warms even almost over-year, seeking to give unspent last heat. On

the blue sky and clean yet almost no clouds. the wind became more cold and sharp, recalling

only that it's already the month of September. the early harbingers are already visible among the

bright green of autumn: yellow and red leaves. Soon they will fall down from the trees and cover

is all the roads and paths.

Birds are already beginning to gather in flocks, are preparing for the long flight to warmer

climes. More can be heard everywhere their cheerful chatter, chatter, which soon subside before

the new spring. Did not the season of protracted and violent showers, but the sky was rarely

frowns. Sometimes the ground to rain, but the puddles dry up immediately under the last tender

rays of the sun.

In the morning, becoming colder. The sky at this time surprisingly transparent, clear and high. It

seems as if the wind intensified dispersed all the clouds, scattered them to the far corners, that

nothing prevented the sun to give us your warmth. Along with red leaves and berries blush. All

shrubs if specially embellished by early autumn. Berries of various sizes gently swaying,

attracting the attention of birds and small animals that make stocks for the winter. The air is a

special flavor of autumn: the smell of freshly cut grass, hot summer for the earth and ripe apples.

But, before you finally become cold and bright colors will fade, will still enjoy the last warm

greetings from the time of the year: Babi fly. This boundary between the summer and autumn in

a special bright and noticeable. She seemed absorbed the most vivid and warm colors, united

warmth and brightness of the summer with the slowness and cozy autumn. At this time, you can

enjoy the last warm and, under the rays already algid, but still warm sun, to dream about the

future of a hot summer.

Алмас Адильбаев
Алмас Адильбаев
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Даша Букина
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